Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Ahmadi properties attacked in Bogor

Wed, 04/06/2011
2:33 PM
Ahmadi properties attacked in Bogor
The Jakarta Post
Five houses belonging to followers of the Ahmadiyah sect in West Java were attacked on Tuesday night, causing damage to their roofs and windows, one of the residents says.

The attack happened at around 11 p.m., at houses belonging to Narsih, Wahyudin, Nasir, Usman and Ari in Ciaruteun Udik village, Bogor.

Narsih said the residents whose houses were attacked left before the incident because they were already forewarned of the plan.

“During the attack the houses were empty,” Narsih said as quoted by

The location is currently being guarded by police officers.

The attack was the third of such attack affecting Ahmadis in the last two months. The previous attack occurred in early March.

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