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Indonesia Ahmadiyya Clerics Respond over Bans

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Indonesia Ahmadiyya Clerics Respond over Bans
Central and provincial governments must be sensible in taking decisions.
Jum'at, 4 Maret 2011, 11:49 WIBElin Yunita Kristanti

Annual meeting of Ahmadis in Germany (
Annual meeting of Ahmadis in Germany (
VIVAnews — Several provinces and cities in Indonesia have just banned the teachings of Ahmadiyya. On the other hand, Governor of Yogyakarta, Sultan Hamengkubuwono, instead convinced the Ahmadis in Yogyakarta to proceed with their religious activities.

Granted that Ahmadiyya has been narrowed down to a particular situation, Ahmadiyya Cleric of South and West Sulawesi, Jamaluddin Feeli, said either ban against or support toward the sect is part of everyday life. “Some accept us, some others don’t. Some understand about [Ahmadiyya teachings] while some others don’t. It is dialogue that is of most importance,” he told VIVAnews today, March 4.

Jamal calls on the central and provincial governments to be sensible in taking decisions.

Ahmadiyya teachings are no different from Islamic teachings in general, he said. “We have only one difference: we believe that Jesus (Prophet Isa)‘s second coming has been taken place (through Mirza Ghulam Ahmad). We believe in the same Five Pillars of Islam and Six Articles of Faith,” said the cleric.

“We’ve never imposed into people what we believe in. On the other hand, they should never force us to give up on our belief,” he said.

Moreover, Ahmadiyya Cleric of West and East Nusa Tenggara, Nasiruddin Ahmadi, said in statement that the ban over Ahmadiyya teachings in several provinces and cities has violated the Constitution. “It’s not in line with Indonesia’s principle of Unity in Diversity,” he said.

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