Sunday, February 6, 2011

Six Ahmadiyah Followers Killed in Clash in Banten: Witness

Jakarta Globe, Indonesia
Six Ahmadiyah Followers Killed in Clash in Banten: Witness
February 06, 2011

Pandeglang, Banten. Six followers of the Ahamadiyah Islamic sect were killed in a clash with residents in Umbulan village, Cikeusik subdistrict, Pandeglang district, here on Sunday morning, a community leader said.

“I saw six people were killed. They are all followers of Ahmadiyah,” Cikeusik community leader Lukman told ANTARA.

Lukaman said the identities of the dead victims were not known yet but all of them were outsiders and members of the banned Ahmadiyah Islamic sect.

Also, a native of the village, Umbulan Sarta, was stabbed on his right arm. “His right arm was almost cut off. He was stabbed by a follower of the Ahmadiyah,” he said.

Lukman explained that initially residents had no intention to take violent acts. Villagers just wanted the followers of the Ahmadiyah to disband themselves.

“Villagers want that the Ahmadiyah dissolve because it has been declared by the Indonesian Ulemas Council (MUI) as heretic but they ignored the villagers’ call,” Lukman said.

Lukman said that on Saturday night, dozens of Ahmadiyah followers from Bogor, West Java, arrived in Cikeusik village on two four-wheel vehicles and spent the night at the house of Parman, the leader of the local Ahmadiyah group.

On Sunday morning, about a thousand residents from various regions in Banten, among others from Cibaliung sub-district, Cikeusik district and Malingping subdisrict, Lebak district, picketed Parman’s house.

When the residents arrived at Parman’s house, the Ahmadiyah followers had already prepared different kinds of sharp weapons such as samurai, machetes and spears.

“Then, a follower of Ahmadiyah stabbed in the right arm of Sarta causing his arm almost cut off,” Lukman said.

“The stabbing of Sarta immediately triggered the clash,” he added.


(Editor’s Note: Police later clarified that three members of the Ahmadiyah Islamic sect were killed, not six.)

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