Sunday, February 6, 2011

Police Arrive to Secure Site of Ahmadiyah Conflict in Umbulan

Jakarta Globe, Indonesia
Police Arrive to Secure Site of Ahmadiyah Conflict in Umbulan
February 06, 2011

Banten. The district secretary of the village of Cikeusik said on Sunday that hundreds of police had arrived to secure the site of the bloody Ahmadiyah clash in the village of Pendeuy in Umbulan.

“The situation is currently returning to normal. We no longer see members of the Ahmadiyah community or other villagers at the scene of the conflict,” Najmudin said.

Six followers of the Ahamadiyah Islamic sect were killed in a clash with residents in Umbulan village, Cikeusik subdistrict, Pandeglang district, on Sunday morning, a community leader said.

Najmudin added that the villagers of Cikeusik were still keeping vigil in the area, fearing a possible recurrence of an attack.

He explained that the bloody incident, which six had reportedly died, was triggered when a group of people headed for the home of a man named Suparman, whose house was being used for Ahmadiyah-related activities.

Najmudin said that the group had demanded that he stopped holding such activities in Cikeusik.

According to him, one of the Ahmadis attacked a resident of Cikeusik named Sarta with a sharp weapon, and that Sarta’s hand was nearly hacked off.

“Had the Ahmadiyah not attacked this resident, I don’t believe this incident would have occurred,” he said.

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