Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ahmadiyah Follower Named a Suspect in Banten Violence

Jakarta Globe, Indonesia
Ahmadiyah Follower Named a Suspect in Banten Violence
Farouk Arnaz | February 17, 2011

A man left critically injured after the bloody attack on members of the Ahmadiyah sect in Banten has been named a suspect for his alleged role in the violence that left three Ahmadi dead.

National Police General Crimes chief Brig. Gen. Agung Sabar Santoso identified the man as Deden Sujana.

He refused, however, to say what charge or charges Deden would be facing.

Deden is allegedly recorded on video prior to the attack by as many as 1,500 people on a house in Cikeusik asking a police officer to let the assault take place.

“Just let it be sir, [speaking to a policeman]. Let’s clash. It will be exciting and a lot of fun. We shouldn’t stay silent [if we get attacked]. Let’s have a bloodbath,” he says.

Comr. Gen. Ito Sumardi, National Police chief of detectives, said Deden remained hospitalized with serious injuries and was yet to be summoned.

He is under the protection of the Witness and Victim Protection Agency (LPSK).

Last week, National Police spokesman Sr. Comr. Boy Rafli Amar said a total of five suspect had been arrested for their roles in the attack, which appeared to be well-coordinated violence.

Four of the five are understood to be clerics.

National Police Chief Gen. Timur Pradopo has previously stated that Deden and the other Ahmadiyah members only had themselves to blame for the deaths.

Timur said the attack occurred after Deden occupied the house of Ahmadiyah elder Ismail Suparman, who had been taken him into protective custody a day earlier.

“That’s why the mob got out of control and the fatalities occurred on the Ahmadiyah side,” the police chief told the House of Representatives.

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