Thursday, February 17, 2011

Muslim cleric named suspect in Cikeusik lynching

Thu, 02/17/2011
8:52 AM
Muslim cleric named suspect in Cikeusik lynching
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
Police say they have named a Muslim cleric, identified only with the initial U, as a suspect in the Cikeusik tragedy and have placed him in detention.

“There is another suspect, identified as U. So there are now seven suspects who are being detained,” the National Police spokesman Snr.Com. Boy Rafli Amar told on Thursday, in a text message.

The other six suspects have been identified as U, M, E, Y, M, and S. The two last suspects, M and S, surrendered themselves accompanied by their lawyer from the Muslim Defense Team.

The suspects are charged with inciting violence and attacking the Ahmadiyah congregation, brutally killing three of its members.

Boy said the police had questioned 95 suspects, including members of the Ahmadiyah congregation that was attacked.

Mahendradatta from the Muslim Defense Team said the Muslim cleric had been arrested in Bogor after spreading hostile text messages under the name of the Cikeusik Muslim Movement.

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