Friday, March 4, 2011

Grave of Ahmadi dug up in West Java

Fri, 03/04/2011
9:12 PM
Grave of Ahmadi dug up in West Java
The Jakarta Post, Jakarta
The remains of a deceased Ahmadiyah follower in Bandung, West Java, were found Thursday after his grave had allegedly been dug up shortly after his funeral.

“It happened [on Thursday]. It is true, the grave of [an Ahmadi] from the Buni Jaya chapter was dug up by unknown parties, and the corpse was just left there,” Ahmad Sulaeman from the Priangan Barat chapter of Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia said Friday, as quoted by

Sulaeman said the remains were of an Ahmadi from Bogor named Ahmad Mulyadi, whose family had been from Buni Jaya, and thus requested he be buried there.

The remains had been brought from Bogor to Bandung for burial on Thursday.

After the funeral was finished at about 9.30 a.m, a group of people had come allegedly asking the cemetary keepers to dig up the grave again.

Priangan Barat Jemaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia coordinator said he deeply regretted the incident.

“… We hope the officers take legal action, especially because [this violates] the governor’s regulation. The regulation is said to set sanctions against people conducting acts of violence against Ahmadiyah followers,” Rafiq Ahmad said.

Under the regulation, Ahmadis are prohibited from conducting religious activities openly, and local residents are prohibited from carrying out acts of violence against them.

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