Monday, March 16, 2009

Brutal murder of Ahmadi hubsand and wife in Pakistan [Update]

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16 March 2009

Yesterday the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamaat confirmed that two of its members in Multan, Dr Shiraz Ahmad Bajwa and Dr Noreen Bajwa, were martyred in a brutal attack at their home in Wapda Colony.

Further details that have since been reported:

Dr Shiraz Bajwa was 37 years old and Dr Noreen Bajwa was 29 years of age. Both persons enjoyed extremely good reputations both professionally and personally. Both were extremely popular amongst their colleagues. Although they had faced threats for some time due to their being Ahmadi, neither of them ever reacted to the provocation that they faced.

On 14 March 2009 both bodies were discovered by their housekeeper at their home. The body of Dr Shiraz Bajwa was found lying in the bedroom, hands tied behind his back, mouth gagged, eyes blindfolded and with visible marks of strangulation apparent. The body of Dr Noreen Bajwa was found in the living room, hands tied behind her back, mouth gagged, blindfolded and bleeding from the nose.

All available evidence clearly demonstrates that this was a case of targeted murder. Both of the deceased were killed because they were Ahmadi Muslims.

These two murders bring the number of Ahmadis killed in Pakistan since 1984 to a staggering total of 100. That was the year when anti-Ahmadiyya laws were passed by the martial regime of President Zia ul Haq.

In 2009 alone 4 Ahmadis have been killed in Pakistan because of their faith.

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